At KILLSTAR, we take online safety very seriously. We are aware of fraudsters’ ways of exploiting customers, including scams by email or text message and posing as KILLSTAR on social media.

Be aware of suspicious requests pushing you to give away your personal details, or offering you something that seems too good to be true. It’s usually a scam. We will never ask you for your personal details online or request any photographs, videos or media.

If you receive a suspect request, don’t click on any links and don’t open any attachments.

Our official KILLSTAR social accounts are noted below :







If you have caught our eye for a future collaboration, KILLSTAR will always contact you using our official social channels or our official emails noted below : 

All other email addresses should be ignored - this is not us!

Don't worry, help is at hand if something goes wrong. Here are some useful links, don’t be afraid to ask any question!

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Here are our top tips to stay safe online: 

Strong passwords

Saving passwords in your browser

Turn on two-factor authentication

Keep your devices updated

Avoid phishing

Lets stay safe!