Vicky Veil Skater Dress [B]

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  • Girl wearing Goth Vicky Veil Skater Dress from KILLSTAR
  • Back of girl wearing gothic vicky veil skater dress from KILLSTAR
  • Vicky Veil Skater Dress [B]
  • Goth Vicky Veil Skater Dress from KILLSTAR
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If the Goddess had a lovechild with Mr.Death, it would be Vicky Veil. She is a fingerprint away from the ghostly dimensions and the worlds beyond - she dances with the spirits and communicates with the dead; 'Welcome to the Darkside' - like Vicky herself would have said.

- Silky Smooth Fabric.
- Low Front with Detailing.
- Fitted.

Seductive and ethereal skater dress - with ribbed waistband and figure-fitted body; creating a sweet yet intriguing day to night dress. Adorned with an intricate black on black print - and eye-catching bust detail.

With Vicky you're ready to go from daytime absinthe meet-ups to midnight moonwalks with ease - match with some striking silver jewellery for a dramatic & reflective look.

Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle; and like the Earth - Dry Flat.

with KILLSTAR Branding, 95% Cotton & 5% Elastane.

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