Beauty is in Diversity

We believe that together we can make a difference. 
We believe that seemingly small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest steps in our lives.
KILLSTAR are devoted to giving back to our communities and to help raise awareness of world issues, old and new.


It’s Pride Month in 2022 and we’re looking BEYOND THE RAINBOW - beyond the iconic six-color pride flag and into the progress that’s possible if we stop doing what’s expected and start listening to folx whose lives and work are forging subtle, profound, and lasting resistances to the status quo. 


We have more questions than answers about how this world can be a safe place for people who live on the edge of “normal”. What we do know is that we care about humanity and there are brilliant people whose voices aren’t being heard. So this June, we’re focusing on individuals and groups in queer communities around the world who have intersecting and historically marginalized identities. 


This month, you’ll see our social media platforms focusing on creators and organizations who inspire us to do better and to be better, and we invite the KILLSTAR community to join us in celebrating the world that these folx are making possible. Visit their pages, share their messages, and contribute to their visions in any way that feels right. 


In addition to using our platform to share about what they are up to, we are also committing 100% of our community giving for the month to one charity in each of our store regions - check out these incredible charities and learn more about the difference they make:

  • Trans Women of Color Collective - A US-based organization which exists to “uplift the narratives, leadership & lived experiences of trans people of color while building towards the collective liberation of all oppressed people.” Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, too!
  • Black Trans Foundation - In the UK, a “Black trans-led nonprofit org offering free therapy to Black trans & NB ppl aged 16+.” Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • GLADT - In the EU, a “self-organization of black, indigenous and of color lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans*, inter* and queer people in Berlin. We are committed to fighting racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, disability and other forms of discrimination at various levels.” 


Here are a few more creators, groups, and organizations which inspire us:


Organizations & Businesses

  • Affirming Edits - a photography service which will update childhood photos to match a person’s true gender.
  • Elevated Access - volunteer pilots who will transport trans* people to receive gender affirming care
  • Transgender First Scholarship - a US-based organization providing access to affordable education for trans* people. 



  • Jordan - Digital creator focus on body positivity
  • Stephanie McCulloch - Scottish in England, Queer, Neurodivergent, Polyamorous, Alt, Promotor of fat joy


KILLSTAR is committed to a world that is safe for everyone and joins those around the world in calling for peace. We're supporting the humanitarian effort for Ukrainian people, and our thoughts are with all those with loved ones in Ukraine and in surrounding regions.
As a company, we value doing the right thing. Last week, our team in Glasgow coordinated an effort to donate blankets to refugees and we have redirected our corporate giving for the immediate future to ensure shelter is available to those who are able to flee.  We continue to look for additional ways to help, which include giving resources of time or money to humanitarian aid organizations. 
Until all of us are safe, none of us are safe - KILLSTAR will continue to stand in solidarity with those who face systematic oppression and danger for daring to exist in the world. 

PRIDE Month 2021

This PRIDE season, whether you’re exploring, becoming, or celebrating who you are (hey, why not all three?), the KILLSTAR team wants you to know that we see you and we love you exactly as you are. 

Let’s not forget that the first PRIDE was a riot, when Marsha P Johnson had enough of being harassed and assaulted by the police, and threw a shot glass in protest during a raid at the Stonewall Inn. That glass started to shatter the secrecy that was expected for all queer people, and PRIDE was born to create a visible platform to dismantle the violence, intolerance, and unjust laws which forced LGBTQQIP2SAA people into the shadows - not the cool magicky ones, but those unforgivably built by guilt, shame, and heartache. 

It is intolerable that this work must continue, and that this world is still unsafe for so many. In the spirit of the shot glass that launched the Pride movement, KILLSTAR will continue our work to elevate voices which make a difference in the ongoing struggle for equality and human decency until that struggle only exists in history. 

This month, we’re doubling our donations to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association, and if you have the privilege or means to add your own donation, we invite you to join us!

We celebrate you, wherever you are on your journey, and we’re here to do whatever we can to create a world that is safe for you to come exactly as you are and receive the love and support you deserve.


We asked our team what Pride means to them...


PAIGE - Customer Service Advisor - queer - pronouns: she/hers 
I am a vocal, active ally. It’s important for my children to see and hear my support. Not only so they’ll grow up fighting for equality, but also so they’ll know their home is an inclusive, supportive and safe space. This may alleviate their pains and fears one day. Or at the very least provide emotional support to any friend or person they know struggling to find their voice or person for fear of rejection or hostility. Pride month is extremely and personally important to me and my family. Celebrating my LGBTQ+ friends, family and teammates this week (and every day!) Celebrating my own queer identity and challenging “norms” while encouraging my littles to do so as well, this month (and every day!) Our pride is our privilege and we will stay extremely cognizant for this. It’s okay to not be ready.
STACEY - Community Support Specialist - enby ace - pronouns: they/them
Pride means to me celebrating the way you are no matter what walk of life you've come from. Regardless of race, gender, sex, religion etc - it's all coming together & being accepting of your fellow person without the norms or judgments that society has forced you to learn. It's celebrating each person's individual progression on how they present, & also coming together to fight for those who don't have the same equality. Love & identification shouldn't be something judged upon & Pride means coming together & just being accepting & progressive.
SAM - Head of People - queer nonbinary trans man - pronouns: he/him
Pride means aligning my faith to my identity, loving my own weirdness and being unapologetically me. It means being out in celebration of my partner's queerness, and not "playing it safe" when we "pass" for a straight/cis couple. Using my privilege to make this world safer for everyone to love authentically and freely. Having grace and holding space for those who aren't ready to be out.
And throwing glitter whenever possible.  
KATY - Garment Technologist - bisexual - pronouns: she/her

Everyone wants and deserves to feel safe, validated and accepted. In a society that can make LGBTQQIP2SAA+ people feel that they are lucky to be tolerated, Pride goes beyond that where you’re not just tolerated but CELEBRATED. It’s so important for everyone to see themselves reflected in the media as well as everyday life. We are all learning more about LGBTQQIP2SAA+ issues in the world both past and present that we previously have not had access to. For a community that has suffered a lot of trauma, hardship and discrimination, it’s so vital to have this positive and safe space where everyone feels loved and is filled with joy. Happy Pride Everyone! 

Juneteenth was not the end. 

We at KILLSTAR recognise and celebrate Juneteenth and the emancipation of enslaved people in America. We also recognize that this was not the end of racism. Until racist ideology and infrastructure are eradicated, Black Americans are not free. 

We recognize that America’s story is not alone, and that racism runs strong throughout the world.

Until Black people are free, none of us can be free. 



We condemn the recent murders of and violence against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, and the inhumane rhetoric which has fuelled a surge in these bigoted actions. 

Every human being is entitled to be safe, be loved, and be appreciated for their uniqueness. There is no place in our society for racially-motivated or other hate-based violence.

To our AAPI community members 

You deserve to be celebrated for who you are! You matter. We stand with you. 

We deplore that you are faced with new or renewed fear for your safety and recognise our responsibility to help end the hatred and violence against your community, and to inspire others to take action to do the same. We will join you in the work to come.

To our AAPI employees

You are a beautiful part of KILLSTAR and we love you. We are committed to creating a safe work environment for you, and we embrace you exactly as you are. Whether you need time, a listening ear, or anything else that will support you, we are here for you. 

To everyone in the KILLSTAR community 

If we have the privilege or opportunity, we also have the responsibility to do, learn, and be better. We want to contribute to a world where diversity is recognized as strength, and hate crimes - including the ideologies behind them - are eradicated. We can’t do this alone and invite you to take action where you can and call us in if we fall short of this ideal.

We are pledging to make monthly financial contributions to the AAPI community fund and continuing to educate ourselves about the sources of racial injustice. We invite you to join us.



As an alternative brand we have always encouraged all people to be themselves, to dress however they please and to have the freedom to live and love whomever they choose to love, no matter what society dictates.

Acceptance and love is what can unite us and we will always strive to be as inclusive as we can be. The people we have interaction with daily are from all walks of life, and for that we are truly grateful.

We recognise that we do not always get things right but we do care for the community we have built, as well as the global community and we will always strive to do better. 

We are heartbroken at the tragic, needless death of George Floyd and join the rest of the world in praying for lasting change for the POC of the USA, and the rest of the world. No one should live in fear because of the colour of their skin, their choice of beliefs or their sexual preferences.

Would the world not be a magical place if we could all accept others as they are? 

Beauty is in Diversity. 

It is not okay to discriminate. Period. There is no room for racism in this world.




We are making monthly donations to a number of causes and charities listed below. We welcome any feedback of organisations that we should get involved in. Donation receipts are available on request - please contact us.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Community Fund

Black Lives Matter 

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

World Federation for Mental Health 

Animal Equality