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  • Luna Boots
  • Luna Boots
  • Luna Boots
  • Luna Boots
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    Luna Boots


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    Forget Netflix and chill - let's howl at the moon if you got time to kill.

    - Canvas Twill + Faux Leather.
    - Wide Strap.
    - Crescent Hardware + Detachable Chain.
    - Pointed Toe.

    - Zip Side.
    - 3"/7.5cm Heel.
    - Vegan.

    Perfect for the modern witch, the 'Luna' boots are summoned in the highest quality faux leather and twill canvas, pointed toe, wide ankle strap, contrasting crescent hardware and detachable chains. With a zip side for easy on/off. With modest 3"/7.5cm heel, giving you just the right amount of elevation. Ready to rock with yer coven, nights out - or just doing day-to-day stuff out the coffin.

    Matches with your black wardrobe magically; looks killer with leggings and oversized tops. Just get em whilst we have em, y'all!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU/Man-Made Materials.

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