Hair Inspo



Needing more than just new threads to mix up your look? Sometimes you need a new you and the best way to get that is with a totally new hair do! Wanting to make a change but not sure what style to go for? Well cast your eyes over our fave hair trends of the moment for some serious hair inspo!


If you’re in full Fuck It mode then shaving some or all of your head is definitely the way to go! This look is bold and not for the light hearted and we love it! But remember once it’s done it’s done and will take a while to grow back so if you are someone that is used to long luscious locks give this one a bit of thought before reaching for the shears. That said waiting for your hair to go grow out again is the perfect excuse to play around with some fun wigs!

Knots & Buns

If a buzz cut is feeling a bit too dramatic then just playing around with your current cut can sometimes be enough of a style change. If you’re go to look is down and straight then why not revisit the 90s as a way to mix up your look with some messy buns. Simply pulling your hair up a bit can make a world of difference to how you look.


Pastel coloured hair may not be a new trend but it doesn’t mean we’re not still loving it! There is something about having cotton candy coloured hair paired with head to toe black clothes that just works. There are also lots of ways to play around with this look from baby blues to silver and purple ombre looks, it’s a trend that keeps on giving. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for all our pastel goth lovelies out there - keep doing what you’re doing we dig it!