We are totally loving our permanent artist Lozzy Bones; illustrator, young artist and all-black-everything enthusiast . With a passion for the macabre-fashion and finding beauty where you least expect it, we met up in the big smoke [that is London] for a coffee and a catch up, check it; 


Original Artwork, see the finished printed results here; DEATH


Name: Lozzy Bones 

Age: 22

Location: London

Who is Lozzy Bones: A youngling creative with a penchant for the macabre.

Describe your Style: You never need to colour coordinate black... it continues to be my fashion mantra.

How did you get into illustration: It just kind of seemed obvious to pursue it because I loved drawing so much. I wanted to have a career in it. I wanted everything in my life to revolve around creating art for myself and others. Illustration is amazing because it's an umbrella term and encompasses so many beautiful things, it's a way of communicating and you put a little piece of yourself into each art work, it's not just doodling cartoons. 

KS you can't take off: That fringe dress is a winner. 

Who Inspires you: I don't have set inspirational people in my life. I have a growing collection of art books and love going to galleries and museums, so my inspirations change constantly. One of my all time favourites has to be Vania Zouravliov, his work is incredible. 

Plans for 2014: I will be spending the Summer in Germany interning and putting on a solo exhibition at AKA Berlin Pflügerstrasse 6 ,12047 Berlin during July, It's been an incredibly hectic year so far and I'm looking forward to de-stressing away from London. I'm going to miss my katzen. 


Original Artwork, see the finished printed results here; THIRD EYE

Why not stop by and check out Lozzy's new exhibition this summer, check out the latest details here; 
All clothing modelled by Lozzy available in store now. KILLSTAR. Total Trash Occult Couture – est MMX.