• Model wears 3XL
  • Model wears 3XL
  • Model wears 3XL
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    Lisa Luna Velvet Jacket [B] [PLUS]


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    Forget Netflix and chill - let's howl at the moon if you got time to kill.

    - Luxe¶ÿVelvet/Faux¶ÿFur.
    - Padded & Fully Lined.
    - Fitted Cuffs w. Thumb-Holes.
    - Corset Back Statement.
    - Oversized Hood.
    - Zip Front.
    - Pockets.
    - Fitted.

    Callin' all moon children, its time to welcome 'Lisa Luna' to the coven! A padded velvet jacket with detail so on point u will want to marry it [well, wear it daily anyway!] Soft lush velvet body, zip front + pockets, moon pull, oversized hood with faux fur in superior quality and fitted cuffs with thumbhole detail. Finished with a corset-lace back statement. It's an instant injection of drama to any day/outfit/life...

    Match as your black heart desires!

    Dry Clean Only.

    With KILLSTAR Branding.¶ÿ100% Mixed Fibres/Nylon.

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