Katatonic Sunglasses [B]



  • Katatonic Sunglasses [B]
  • Katatonic Sunglasses [B]
  • Katatonic Sunglasses [B]
  • Katatonic Sunglasses [B]
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Wanna hear a cat joke? Never mind, just kitten.

- Exceptional Quality.
- Custom Plastic Frame.
- Dark Lenses.
- 100% UV Protection.

Are you all about being incognito but low-key showing the world yer obsessed about cats? No stress, we're the same! Welcome the 'Katatonic' sunglasses; large-format round sunglasses with strategically placed 'ears'. The custom all-black frames are completed with dark lenses and a secret message on the inside legs. 100% UV protection - Purrfection!

Match with anything for an effortless look - ideal to hide away from the worldz.

Comes in a black soft case with KILLSTAR logo.

Wipe Clean.

with KILLSTAR branding.

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