• Heaven Sent Earrings
  • Heaven Sent Earrings
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    Heaven Sent Earrings

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    Wherever the wind blows, there is magic.

    - Silver Finish w. White Acrylic.
    - Reinforced Design.
    - Exceptional Quality.
    - Size - 5cm/1.9" x 9cm/3.5".
    - Weight - 39 grams.

    Transcend yer fav lookz with the 'Heaven Sent' earrings; combining yer love for a statement earring with heavenly forces. These must-have earrings feature striking design and silver finish with contrasting white acrylic. Large but still lightweight - perfect from dusk to dawn!

    Easy to mix and match; goes well with almost anything!

    100% Alloy Metal with KILLSTAR branding. 

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