• Baize Plush Toy
  • Baize Plush Toy
  • Baize Plush Toy
  • Baize Plush Toy
  • Baize Plush Toy
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    Baize Plush Toy


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    The future, the present and the past - I can share them with you if the right question is asked.

    - Three-eyed Demon.
    - Furry Mane + Tail.
    - Horns.
    - Soft Luxe Plush.
    - 30cm/12"" To Hold, Hug or Hail.
    - Stuffed With Hocus Pocus.

    Say a big welcome to our newest member of the KREEPTURES family! This three-eyed telepathic babe is ready to leave the shadows for some infernal cuddles - he has seen them coming for a long time! Meet 'Baize' - 30cm of huggable soft plush toy featuring a third eye, horns and furry mane + tail. Purrfect for gifting - or best of all, for yerself!

    Suitable For Ages 6+.

    with Branding. 100% Poly Mix. CE Approved.

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