• Lacy Bones Creepers
  • Lacy Bones Creepers
  • Lacy Bones Creepers
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    Lacy Bones Creepers


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    Shine so bright that you burn their eyes.

    - Custom-made Lace Finish.
    - Lace-Up Front.
    - 5cm/2" Rubber Sole.
    - Vegan.

    Create your own fairytale, the 'Lacy Bones' creepers are materialized in a high-quality body, with a custom made lace to the front and a lace up front. Leather piping details and complete with a 666 platform sole. Ready to rock with yer coven, nights out - or just doing day-to-day stuff out the coffin.

    Match as your heart desires - looks great with absolutely everything!

    With KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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