Black Mass Bikini [B]

£39.00 NOW £19.99


  • Black Mass Bikini [B]
  • Black Mass Bikini [B]
  • Black Mass Bikini [B]
  • Black Mass Bikini [B]
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Playin' with the Pentagram. She's hotter than hell and turning the boyz to ashes with just a single stare; she doesn't take to the waves, she is them.. 

- Bikini.
- Soft Touch Nylon Blend.
- Tie Back.
- Bold Print.

Iconic statement print bikini, with low cut bottoms and a string-bikini top with padding.Ya might only have been moon-bathing before; but now yer ready to kill in any light, day or night.

Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

with KILLSTAR Branding, 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane. 

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