Holly Wouldn't Handbag [B]

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  • Holly Wouldn't Handbag [B]
  • Holly Wouldn't Handbag [B]
  • Holly Wouldn't Handbag [B]
  • Holly Wouldn't Handbag [B]
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Or would she..? 

- A+ Grade Vegan Leather.
- Metal Clasp Closure.
- Bold Occult Print.
- Classic Lining.
- 24 x 28 cm, Strap 72-130cm.

Wanna feel like a lady whilst keepin' it tight with yer demons? Holly Wouldn't handbag got ya covered, with the detail so on-point; detachable shoulder strap, bold graphics, pentagram hardware detailing, classic metal closure and off course fully lined. 

Purrfect size so you can fit the must-have's, but small enough to be effortless; day or night.

Match with yer daily routine + some killer boots and yer ready 2 take over!

with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU.

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