Sweet Beams Long Socks [B]

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  • Sweet Beams Long Socks [B]
  • Sweet Beams Long Socks [B]
  • Sweet Beams Long Socks [B]
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Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are.

- Soft Touch Knit.
- Accent Lace Trim.
- Long Length.
- One Size.

Always with yer feet in the cosmos - these super cute socks with repeating moon and star motif completes yer outfit perfectly. Keepin' it kawaii till ya die.

Total must-have; you can never have too many stars in yer wardrobe.

Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

with KILLSTAR Branding, 78% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Elastane.

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