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Aries Mini Tapestry

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  • Aries Mini Tapestry
  • Aries Mini Tapestry
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Born a Fire sign - the Aries loves to be comfortable, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges and great at individual sports. They are fearless, fierce and wild.

Time to get flirty with the Zodiac.

- Cotton Fabric.
- Contrast Print.
- Eyelet Corners [for easy hanging]
- Size 57 cm x 40 cm / 23" x 16"

Add some cosmic feels to your crypt with this fun mini-tapestry; printed on black cotton fabric with metal-eyelet corners so its easy to hang. Perfect above yer bed, picture wall or whatever - your sign is always lookin' after you!

Cute gift idea! Or get creative and use it as a back-patch? 

with KILLSTAR branding.

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