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  • Maleficium Hoodie [B]
  • Maleficium Hoodie [B]
  • Maleficium Hoodie [B]
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    Maleficium Hoodie [B]

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    You cannot have the light shall you not have the dark - for without it - there is Nothing.

    - Soft Touch Jersey Fabric.
    - Draping Open Front.
    - Oversized Hood.
    - Pentagram Statement  Feature.
    - Relaxed Fit.

    Versatile and stylish jersey hoodie/cardigan, 'Malificium' gives you a dark layering piece with oversized hood, draping + long length front and strategically placed pentagram statement back. A guaranteed head-turner!

    Ideal for layering - Time to make magick!

    Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Cotton. 

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