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Magical AF Wallet [B]

£24.99  NOW £19.99


  • Magical AF Wallet [B]
  • Magical AF Wallet [B]
  • Magical AF Wallet [B]
  • Magical AF Wallet [B]
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Never ever forget; you're a magical creature - constantly creating and carving out your own destiny. Ur magical AF.

- Luxe Vegan Leather. 
- Zip Opening.
- Multi Compartments.
- Statement Graphic.
- 20cm x 12cm.

What do the cards have in store for ya? The 'Magical AF' wallet in a luxe vegan leather body, large statement graphic, multi compartments and zip closure - fit all yer cash, stash, cards and spells - with no effort at all. Classical shape to fit yer busy-on-the-move-life & must-haves when you leave the crypt; think of a compartment and ya bet we got it covered.

Match with anything, it adapts to yer style effortlessly. 

with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU Leather.

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